August 14, 2010

Yellow Springs Corner Cone Soft Serve Playhouse Presents:

10-Minute Play Festival: Compact Theater for the Easily Distracted

Saturday, August 14 at noon and 4 pm

Come watch as new short plays battle it out for Best Comedy, Best Drama and Best Crowd Pleaser. Free Admission.

Located at the outdoor stage at Corner Cone on the corner of Dayton Yellow Springs and Walnut in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

*All ages are welcome, but there may be some language and innuendo.

Play Lineup

I am a Ten-Minute Play by Barb Harkness
starring Louise Smith

Pulling the Plug by Karen Hartline
starring Michael Robinson and Susan Robert

Aunt Tinomy: 
A Homophonic Geek Tragedy with a Happy Ending
by Bonnie Spitzkeit
directed by Bonnie Spitzkeit
starring Jennifer Gichrist, Claire Cappel and
Bonnie Spitzkeit

Disgruntled Tiny Tim by Francesca Sanders 
directed by Lindsey Leist 
starring Amy Dobyns, Lindsey Leist, and Skip Leeds

Parking Spaces by Virgil Hervey
directed by Virgil Hervey
starring Jerry Buck, Walter Rhodes, and Ron Siemer

The Comfort of Cole Hans by Henry Meyerson
directed by Stephen Woosley
starring Stephen Woosley and Jessi Biggert

More Vibrancy by Allie Persinger

Two Person Conversation by Matthew Haldeman
starring Troy Lindsey and J. Gary Thompson

People Like Us by Chris Shaw Swanson
starring Jane Mowder and Kristina Kopf

Alcohallmark by David Morton

The Four Senses of Love by Arthur Jolly
starring Jill Summerville and Max McConnell

The New Sign by K. Biadaszkiewicz
directed by Bailey Boudreau
starring Richard Payton and Bailey Boudreaau

Zinniaphobic by Brent Hearn and Beth Kander
directed by Sarah Senff

Bone Lonely by Dave Patterson
Woman- Savannah Quinn, Man- David Patterson

Me and Shirley by Henry Meyerson
directed by Stephen Woosley
starring Stephen Woosley and Jessi Biggert

The Window Washers of Wuhan by Les Epstein
starring Les Epstein
Grim Reaper by Dean Bevan
directed by Jennifer Gilchrist
starring Jeffrey Lucas, Jennifer Bryant, and Jason Sine

Estragon's Boot by Daniella Vinitski
directed by J. Gary Thompson
starring J. Gary Thompson and Heather Atkinson

Pistachio by Meg Cavanaugh