August 14, 2010

Yellow Springs Corner Cone Soft Serve Playhouse Presents:

10-Minute Play Festival: Compact Theater for the Easily Distracted

Saturday, August 14 at noon and 4 pm

Come watch as new short plays battle it out for Best Comedy, Best Drama and Best Crowd Pleaser. Free Admission.

Located at the outdoor stage at Corner Cone on the corner of Dayton Yellow Springs and Walnut in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

*All ages are welcome, but there may be some language and innuendo.

Play Synopses

I am a Ten-Minute Play by Barb Harkness
While all plays distort and compress, a ten-minute play is particularly insidious in this respect.  The long hours, weeks, and years afterwards constitute the drama that ten-minute plays can only introduce.  Performed by Louise Smith.

Pulling the Plug by Karen Hartline
Its not easy for Irene to say “I love you.”  It’s even more difficult when she tries to write it on the computer. Starring Michael Robinson and Susan Robert

Aunt Tinomy; A Homophonic Geek Tragedy by Bonnie Spitzkeit
"Antinomy:  a contradiction or inconsistency between two apparently reasonable principles or laws, or between conclusions drawn from them" 
High night on the bike trail--how will Ginkgo Billie and the starlings solve their eco-/ego- crisis in the hamlet of Mellow Springs?!

Disgruntled Tiny Tim by Francesca Sanders

We all remember Tiny Tim as a cute cuddly cripple. Imagine that now he’s a petulant adolescent who thinks he’s been done wrong. Join us for this hilarious ride as we turn the famous classic on its’ ear.

Parking Spaces  by Virgil Hervey
Two old guys, who have been put out to pasture both literally and figuratively, explore life, death and sex as they park cars on a slow day at the Greene County Fair. Starring Jerry Buck, Ron Siemer, and Walter Rhodes.

The Comfort of Cole Haans by Henry Meyerson
Proposes the sharing of a strong fashion sense to strengthen a marriage. Starring Stephen Woosley and Jessi Biggert

More Vibrancy by Allie Persinger
A young woman's frustrations are revealed when she finally confronts her teacher and the class about her feelings on what it means to be educated. Watch her play tug of war with herself and her emotions as she tries to articulate her defenses. The audience will feel the same pull the character does, as it is an all too common place we have all experienced at some point.

Two Person Conversation by Matthew Haldeman
Two Men struggle to find conversation topics. Starring Troy Lindsey and J. Gary Thompson

People Like Us by Chris Shaw Swanson
One talks too much. The other talks too little. And both have something to hide. Can these two ostracized office workers become friends? Starring Jane  Mowder and Kristina Kopf

Alcohallmark by David M. Morton
A man in a drunken state encounters a woman who looks exactly like his lost love outside a café at night.

The Four Senses of Love by Arthur M. Jolly
A man with no feelings falls for a girl with no taste at a support group for the sensory deprived.
Starring Max McConnell and Jill Summerville 

The New Sign by K. Biadaszkiewicz
Two laborers have conflicting opinions about the working for a post-2001 wish for the world. Starring Bailey Boudreau and Richard Payton

Zinniaphobic by Beth Kander and Brent Hearn
When Nathan Danner introduces his free-spirited new love interest to his parents, his very conventional mother--who hopes for a very conventional future for her son--is forced to face some very unconventional realities.

Bone Lonely by David Patterson
Bone Lonely is about illusions, lonliness and sex. The tri-fecta of a man who puts up his own walls. Starring Savannah Quinn and David Patterson

Me and Shirley by Henry Meyerson
Confronts the issue of marital union between two consenting adults, despite their obvious differences, especially when one of the partners is in heat.  Starring Stephen Woosley and Jessi Biggert  

The Window Washers of Wuhan by Les Epstein
In an airport Saul Ben Dai suffers a bad cold and mulls over his new status as a father.  Having adopted a girl from China, the bewildered parent wonders how to connect with this little stranger.   It’s those death-defying window washers dangling hundreds of feet in the air on rope and tiny seats that bring the two together.

Grim Reaper by Dean Bevan
The Grim Reaper visits an elderly hard-of-hearing couple.  They offer him cookies and comically misunderstand everything he says, mistaking him for a Jehovah’s Witness, magazine salesman, shepherd, and more.  He gives up in frustration, wishes them a long life, and departs.

Estragon's Boot by Daniella Vinitstki
Sheila has been called into Kirby's office and realizes that the absurdity of her work place has become too much.  "Estragon's Boot" has been described as a celebration for anyone whose has ever had to bite his or her tongue.  This play contains Beckett, bosses, and puppets. 

Pistachio by Meg Cavanaugh
Pistachio is a friendly story, told by a small, chatty child who is dealing with some very big, adult issues.  Playful in nature, this piece is a reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

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